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School Starts August 22

We are excited to begin the new school year with your child and their peers!

Attendance and wellness are very important factors in your child's academic success. We consider your child's safety, wellness, nutrition and education our highest priorities. However, we must work together with you to best meet your child's needs. Please review the information below to help your child have a very successful school year.


How do I determine which school my child should attend?

How do I enroll my child?

  • Visit the Enroll/Transfer page.
  • You must supply the listed required documents.

Find your bus

How do I determine which school my child should attend?

To determine the correct bus stop for your child:

  • Visit Bus Routes.
  • Select your child’s school and find the stop closest to your home.

Who do I call if my child has not returned home from school on time?

  • First call your child’s school
  • If you do not get an answer, call transportation at 918-833-8100  
  • Note: buses may run 10-minutes after the posted stop time

Who do talk to about transportation for students with special needs?

  • Call our special needs transportation representative at 918-833-8148 or
  • Note:  There is a 3-5 day processing window for all new applications

TPS students in grades 9-12 can ride Metropolitan Tulsa Transit Authority buses for free any day of the week. Students must present a valid TPS student I.D. Check times using the MTTA Trip Planner at Contact or call 918-582-2100 for additional information.


  • Visit Health & Wellness
  • Includes required immunizations, health forms and tips for maintaining good health


  • Uniforms are required in all schools.
  • Each school has unique uniform requirements. Visit your school's website.
  • Contact the school counselor if you need assistance getting uniforms.

Attendance/Bell Times

Good attendance is one of the most important factors in the academic success of your child. Have your child at school everyday possible.

Visit your school's website for bell times.

Stay Connected

The district and your school use various social media and other communications tools to keep you informed and involved.

  • Visit your school's website for their social media channels.
  • Install the SchoolWay app on your smartphone to receive timely notifications from your selected district, school(s), school organizations, teachers, etc.
  • Follow the district's social media channels.

Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Instagram | Flickr


  • Each school has a unique supplies requirements
  • Visit your school's website

Breakfast & Lunch

To prepay online for meals:

  • Visit Pay Fees
  • Follow instructions to set up an account and make payments

Student Grades & Records

To view your child’s grades, attendance and other information:

  • Parents - Student Grades
  • Select “Create Account” and provide requested information
  • Sign in using your created account and password
  • Student data, including class schedules, will be available Aug 22.

To request a transcript, visit Student Records/Transcripts.

School Safety

  • Visit School Safety
  • Includes TIPS for reporting an incident, school emergency procedures and more.
  • Make sure your child's school has your accurate emergency contact information.
  • Please obey traffic signs and stay alert when driving in a school zone.

Early pick up from school

  • Make sure your school has the accurate list of persons approved for picking up your child from school.
  • Adults must present their photo ID pick up a student early.

Behavior Guide

Elementary Uniform Details

ALL schools require uniforms. All schools will allow white or navy polo shirt and khaki pants or skirt. For other colors see the lists below.

District Policies

School Board Policy 2601

Student Dress Code: Regulation 2601-R

Elementary Uniform Details

The minimum standard uniform for TPS students at NEW uniform schools will consist of white short- or long-sleeved oxford or polo shirts with a collar, white sweatshirts and white sweaters. Appropriate slacks, shorts, capri pants or box pleat skirts will be in khaki, tan or beige colors. All shoes are to be “closed toe.” Socks, tights, belts and hair ties will be in solid colors to match uniforms. Student shirts will be tucked in with sweaters and sweatshirts as the only exception.

Please note: This is a basic working list. Some schools may/may not consider hoodies or sweatshirts appropriate. Polo shirts are considered a shirt with two or three buttons with a collar. Polo shirts and oxford shirts may be long or short-sleeved. Pants must fit properly. Cargo pants/shorts are unacceptable. The term "shorts" refers to walking shorts.

School Pants Shirts Miscellaneous
Academy Central Khaki, black or navy Collared navy blue, red or white Khaki, black, navy shorts, skirts or jumper
Anderson Khaki, navy blue or black Black, navy blue yellow or white polo shirts brown or black belt
Bell black, navy or khaki pants, shorts, jumpers or skirts White, navy, royal or light blue  
Burroughs Khaki or navy Collared red, yellow or white knit Khaki or navy shorts, skirts, or jumper
Carnegie Khaki pants, shorts, capris, jumpers, skorts or skirts White or dark green (such as hunter, jade, forest or evergreen) complete uniform policy
Celia Clinton Khaki or navy White or navy polo shirts Khaki or navy skirts, skorts or capris
Chouteau Khaki, black or navy blue White, navy blue or red polo shirt Khaki, black or navy blue shorts or skirts
Clinton West

Khaki, navy blue or black pants, shorts, skirts, jumpers

*No denim/jean material or sweat pant material.

*No cargo/extra pockets on pants. (Traditional front and back pockets are ok).

*Shorts, Skirts, Jumpers long enough to meet or pass finger tips with arms at sides.

Hunter green, navy blue, royal blue, white or grey polo shirts

(NO logos please)

Closed toe and heel. Tennis shoes are the best.

complete uniform policy
Columbus Khaki or navy blue pants, shorts, skirts, skorts, jumpers or capris White, navy blue or red polo shirts  
Cooper Khaki or black Maroon, white or black polo shirts Khaki or black shorts, skorts or capris
Disney Khaki, navy or black
pant, shorts, skirt, skort, or jumpers
Navy blue, maroon, white or black polo shirts Khaki or black skirts, shorts, skorts or capris
Dual Language Academy Navy or kaki skirts/skorts and jumpers for girls—plaid (2M) navy, black, white, bright purple, gold polo shirt  
ECDC-Bunche Navy or khaki Any color polo style shirt  
ECDC-Reed Khaki, black or navy blue shorts, pants, skirts/skorts Yellow, white or red  
Eisenhower Khaki or navy pants and dark blue jeans Polo shirts: white, navy, royal blue, and light blue EIS T-shirts: teal, royal, navy light blue, and white Peter Pan shirts with jumpers Khaki or navy shorts or jumper
Eliot Khaki or navy Red, navy, white or purple polo or oxford uniform shirts

Khaki or navy pants, skirts, shorts, black socks or tights

Complete uniform policy

Emerson Khaki or navy Navy blue, white, gold, or yellow polo type shirts Khaki or navy shorts, skirts, or jumpers
Eugene Field Khaki, black Royal blue, white or gray polo shirt; white oxford shirt Khaki, black shorts; khaki, plaid jumper
Gilcrease Bottoms - Navy, black and Khaki Polo Shirts - Navy, Burgundy, White and Black  
Greeley khaki or navy skirts, shorts, jumpers, capri, skorts or cargo pants polo style: light blue, royal blue, navy, yellow, gold or white  
Grimes Khaki, navy or black Red, white, royal or navy blue Complete uniform policy
Grissom Khaki, navy or black (shorts, skorts and skirts may also be plaid) Collared polo shirt. Red, navy blue, light blue, white, pastel yellow, pastel pink (long or short sleeve) Complete uniform policy
Hamilton Khaki, black, navy slacks, shorts, skirt, jumper (all at knee length or longer) White, navy, royal blue shirt or sweater

shoe: enclosed toe and heel

Hawthorne Khaki, black or navy  Red, white, navy blue polo type shirts Khaki, black or navy skirts, shorts, jumper, capris, skorts, cargo pants or jumpers
Hoover Khaki, navy or black pants, capris, shorts or skirts. No cargo pants or shorts. (more in complete policy) Classic red, navy blue, white, or black polo (more in complete policy) Complete uniform policy
Jackson Khaki or black pants Navy, white or black polo  
Jones Khaki or black slacks, shorts, skirts, skorts or jumpers Red, black or white polo shirt  
Kendall-Whittier khaki, navy, or black white, yellow, royal blue, or navy any KW logo/spirit shirt
Kerr Khaki pants, shorts, jumper or capris White, gray, royal blue, navy, or bright yellow Complete uniform choices
Key Khaki or navy slacks, shorts, skirts, skorts, jumpers (shorts/skirts/skorts/jumpers-finger tip length or just above the knees)
Optional plaid #94 for skirts and jumpers.
White, navy or red polo or oxford shirts White/navy/black socks (solid color)
Closed toe shoes
Belts (solid black or brown) for grades 3-6.
Lanier Khaki or navy pants, shorts, skirts or jumpers (no cargo shorts) Navy, red or white polo, oxford, hoodie or school logo hoodie no flip flops or sandals
Lee Khaki or navy (not denim or cargo) Navy blue, hunter green, dark purple or white polo-type or oxford-type shirts; uniform color dresses Khaki or Navy shorts, skirts, jumpers or capris.Sneakers or tennis shoes.
Complete uniform policy
Lewis and Clark Navy or Khaki Blue (any shade), yellow, white or gray polo, oxford, sweater or hoodie

Closed toe shoes

Lindbergh Pants, shorts, skorts or capris in solid khaki Polo style shirts in the solid royal blue, purple, white, black or gray Socks: solid white or black.
Complete Lindbergh policy
KIPP Academy  Khaki Polo Shirts:
5th gr Powder Blue
6th gr. Forest Green
7th gr. Burgundy
8th gr. Navy Blue
Khaki shorts, skirts or capris
MacArthur Khaki only: skirts, shorts, jumper, capris or skorts Polo shirts: black or navy blue  
Mark Twain Khaki or navy Collared red, white or navy knit shirts Khaki or navy shorts, skirts
Marshall Slacks, pants, shorts, jumpers or skirts  in solid navy blue or solid khaki Polo shirts or crew neck t-shirt  in solid navy blue or solid white  
Mayo Khaki Girls: Royal blue, white or red polo type shirt with color with Mayo Patch; Turtlenecks in the same above colors with Mayo Patch; White Peter Pan color long or short sleeve blouse worn only with “Mayo plaid” skirts, skorts or jumper. Navy blue cardigan sweater with Mayo patch. Boys: Royal blue, white or red polo type shirt with color with Mayo patch; Turtlenecks in the same above colors with Mayo patch; Navy blue cardigan sweater with Mayo patch Girls: Khaki shorts, red “Mayo plaid” jumper, skirt or skorts, khaki (all-around pleated) skirt. Boys: Khaki shorts
McClure Slacks, shorts, skorts, or skirts in khaki or navy Polo-type: white, navy or red Closed toe shoes. Socks, tights, belts & hair ties in solid colors to match the uniform.
McKinley Khaki, navy or black No cargo pants White, hunter green or navy blue polo shirt – short or long sleeve Khaki, navy or black shorts, skirts, skorts or capris
Mitchell Khaki or navy White, light blue, navy or hunter green polo type or oxford Khaki or navy skirts, shorts, jumper, capris, or skorts
Monroe Khaki White or black no cargo pants; Girls may wear skirts/skorts or capri’s.
Shoes are black or white.
Black or brown belts
Owen Khaki or navy blue White, navy blue, royal blue, red Tennis Shoes or casual shoes (white socks) Complete uniform policy
Patrick Henry Khaki or navy Navy, white, hunter green, or burgundy – polo or oxford Khaki or navy shorts, skorts, capris or jumper
Peary khaki slacks, shorts, skirts, jumper or capris Polo shirt: navy blue, white or maroon
Sweater or sweatshirt: gray, navy, white or maroon
Brown or black belt required for grades 3-6
Complete uniform policy
Penn Khaki, navy or black

Solid red, black, white or navy blue polo type shirts

(NO logos please)

Khaki, navy or black pants, skirts, shorts, skorts, jumper or capris

Complete uniform policy
Robertson Black, navy, khaki; uniform style pants, shorts or walking length capris, skirts or jumpers (finger-tip length) Shirts: red, white, blue (light, royal, navy) polo-style (no yellow)
Sweatshirts: red, white, blue (light, royal, navy); solid only; must be worn with uniform shirt underneath (no hoods)

Khaki, navy or black shorts; skirt, skorts, jumper or capris

Complete uniform policy

Salk Slacks and capris: Khaki, navy or black
Skorts, shorts, skirts or jumpers: Khaki, navy
White, red, navy oxford or polo shirt Polo Style dresses: red, navy, khaki

Complete uniform policy
Sequoyah Khaki, black or navy Navy, royal blue, light blue, yellow, grey, white or black polo shirt Khaki, black or navy skirts, shorts, jumper, capris and skorts
(lower and upper)
Khaki or navy White, Navy or Red Long/Short Sleeve Polo Shirt White or Navy Blue Oxford Shirts Khaki or navy shorts, capris. Khaki, navy or Skelly Plaid skirts, skorts or jumper
Springdale Navy blue or khaki White, royal blue, or yellow polo style shirt  
Whitman Khaki or black slacks, shorts, skorts, or skirts Orange, black, grey or solid white polo shirts, sweatshirts and sweaters Belt required for grades 3-6
Closed-toe shoes
Wright Khaki, navy blue or black pants, skirts, jumpers or capris Red, white or navy blue oxford or polo-type shirt Athletic, oxford or Mary Jane-style shoes. Socks, tights, belts and hair-ties in solid colors to match the uniform.
Zarrow Khaki

Light blue, purple or white polo shirt.

On Fridays option to wear uniform T-shirt and team Zarrow shirt or sweatshirt
Khaki shorts, skorts and jumper.